Houston Food Bank

July 25-28, 2023

Food Security Equity Impact Fund Grantee summit


The Food Security Equity Impact Fund supports community-led solutions to address systemic inequities by awarding multi-year grants to community organizations and network food banks engaged in food justice and equitable access initiatives. Established in 2021, the Fund addresses the root causes of hunger, invests in communities of color and deepens food banks’ partnerships in their communities. This 3-Day Summit brings together grantees and stakeholders to connect, reflect, and learn from one another.

What Are the Goals for the Summit?

As goals and deliverables, the Summit will help to:

  • Share learnings and foster connection between grantees to continue transforming food systems and creating impact all across the country;
  • Collaborate and share knowledge and expertise with one another to build resources and deepen the impact of the work in ways that leverage what’s already happening in communities;
  • Celebrate and elevate existing impacts as a foundation for continued transformation that is taking place across communities in partnership with food bank network members;
  • Champion this critical work through the representation of various perspectives and commitment from community partners and food bank network members
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Who Will Be There?

The Food Security Equity Impact Fund Summit will bring together voices from the Fund grantees (both Planning and Implementation), Feeding America thought leaders and supporters of the Fund, in addition to external experts that will help to inform, learn, and share what is taking place to support community-led solutions.

What Can I Expect?

The Food Security Equity Impact Fund Summit will allow Feeding America’s network food bank members and community-based partners to come together to celebrate impacts, learn from each other on the journey, and share lessons learned throughout this grant period to date that will help to inform and transform new areas for opportunities.

event details



535 Portwall St

Houston, TX 77029

Wi-Fi Network: HFB_Public

(no password)



1121 Walker Street

Houston, TX 77002

* If you need to make any changes to your hotel reservation, please call the hotel directly at +1 713-222-7777.

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